Before any type of oral surgery, such as wisdom teeth removal or placement of dental implants, patients will first have an initial consultation. At this first meeting, your oral surgeon will assess your case and discuss the planned procedure with you.

To set the stage for a successful procedure, it’s helpful to know how to prepare for the consultation and what to expect at this appointment. You’ll also want to pay close attention to the pre-operative instructions provided by the oral surgeon.

What To Bring To The Consultation

Your consultation will be more efficient if you can bring some documentation with you. These items include:

  • The referral from your general dentist, if you have one
  • Any previously taken x-rays, if available
  • Your dental and medical insurance cards
  • A list of your medications
  • An overview of your medical history

All of this information will be valuable in determining your treatment plan.

What To Expect At The Consultation

The consultation will be a painless experience. The oral surgeon will visually examine your smile and review any available x-rays. New imaging may be taken if needed.

In examining your smile and reviewing all of the pertinent information, your surgeon will be able to determine what type of treatment is indicated. You will be educated on the procedure and how to prepare for it. This consultation also provides you with an opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

Preparing For Successful Oral Surgery

Your surgeon will provide you with detailed instructions to prepare for your surgery. In order to have an optimal outcome, it’s essential for you to adhere closely to these instructions, which may cover topics such as:

  • Preparing for sedation by fasting or taking an oral medication in advance of your surgery appointment
  • Discontinuing certain medications, such as blood thinners, prior to your scheduled surgery
  • Obtaining prescription antibiotics and pain relievers prior to your appointment
  • Other instructions unique to your case

If you don’t understand something about these instructions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for clarification.

If you have any questions about preparing for your oral surgery consultation, contact Permian Basin Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center and speak to one of our friendly staff members before your appointment.