Have you lost all or most of your teeth? Imagine a complete restoration of your smile that looks and functions just like biological teeth. With implant supported dentures, a beautiful and secure smile is possible.

This tooth replacement method anchors a set of lifelike, custom-made dentures to sturdy dental implants. Our oral surgeon provides implant supported dentures to help our patients enjoy vibrant health and a great quality of life.

Why should I secure my dentures to dental implants?

Unsecured dentures lie on top of the gums where the natural contours and curves of the gums and jaw support them. Unfortunately, the shape and density of our bone changes after tooth loss. This process can lead to dentures becoming ill-fitting and uncomfortable. When dentures fit improperly, they can slide and slip during oral function.

Dental implants can be used to enhance the function of dentures. This is done by embedding small titanium rod-like prosthetics into the jawbone. Bone will fuse to these titanium prosthetics the same way that bone integrates around the biological roots of teeth. Then, a set of dentures can be anchored to implants.

When dental implants hold dentures, prosthetic teeth will not move around when eating or speaking. Implants will also prevent bone loss, which preserves the shape and density of the jaw so that dentures will continue to perform as they should.

Are there dietary restrictions with implant supported dentures?

Dental implants provide a stable base that holds dentures in place. This means that dentures secured by dental implants can withstand the forces associated with normal oral function. Patients can eat a full balanced diet without limitations.

What should I do next if I’m interested in dentures and dental implants?

If this tooth replacement method piques your interest, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our oral surgeon. At your appointment, we can help you determine if implant supported dentures meet your needs.

No one should have to suffer with an incomplete smile. Call Permian Basin Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center today to reserve a tooth replacement consultation.