The emergence and retention of wisdom teeth increases the risk for gum disease. The gingiva around wisdom teeth is prone to infection since these teeth tend to erupt partially or come in sideways. Since gum disease is a serious threat to our patients’ oral health, our oral surgeon extracts wisdom teeth to reduce the risks of complications associated with their arrival.

How Wisdom Teeth Contribute to Gum Disease

Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that erupt during early adulthood. Since a person’s teeth are well-established, there is little room for third molars to come through the gums upright. Instead, they come in sideways or become stuck in the gums or jaw.

While some portions of a wisdom tooth can erupt, most of the tooth’s surface is trapped underneath the gums. Food, plaque, and tartar can become lodged underneath the gums near the erupted portions of wisdom teeth. Since these teeth are located at the back of the mouth and most of their structure is submerged, it is very difficult to keep them and the gingiva around them clean. Improper oral hygiene and tartar accumulation are common culprits behind the development of gum disease.

How Gum Disease Affects Oral Health

Gum disease is characterized by inflammation and infection of the gingiva. Without professional intervention, gum disease can progress into a condition called periodontitis. Advanced gum disease can destroy the entire oral health system. This destructive condition erodes the gums and jawbone, which support teeth. As the disease attacks these structures, teeth become loose and ultimately fall out.

Beyond tooth loss, there is scientific evidence to support connections between gum disease and chronic health conditions like diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular issues.

Gentle Wisdom Teeth Removal

Having your wisdom teeth removed can reduced your risk for gum disease and a host of other oral health complications. Our oral surgeon employs the latest techniques and technology to deliver quality care. We administer sedating and pain-relieving medication during treatment to ensure our patients’ comfort.

If your dentist has recommended that you have your wisdom teeth removed, call Permian Basin Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center to reserve a consultation.