While your general dentist can handle a variety of issues that may affect your oral health, some concerns or conditions warrant more specialized attention. In certain circumstances, your dentist may feel that an oral surgeon can better meet your specific needs.

These specialists perform a wide range of specific surgical procedures, using their expertise and experience to provide patients with the best outcomes and optimal comfort. They dedicate their careers to honing this specific craft to the benefit of patients.

Types of Oral Surgery Procedures

What kinds of treatment might an oral surgeon provide? Your dentist may recommend that you consult with a specialist if you need any of the following:

  • Surgical tooth extraction: Certain teeth may need to be extracted surgically, especially if they are impacted, as wisdom teeth often are.
  • Dental implant placement: Small titanium cylinders are inserted into the patient’s jaw to secure prosthetic crowns, bridges or dentures and restore a patient’s smile after tooth loss.
  • Jaw surgery: Malocclusions or congenital jaw defects may need to be corrected surgically in order to improve the function or appearance of the jaw, or both.
  • Surgical biopsy: If your dentist is concerned about a suspicious lesion, you may need to have a surgical biopsy of the site.

Oral Surgery: The Specialty

After graduating from dental school, an oral surgeon goes on to complete a residency during which they spend four years gaining the knowledge and experience needed to successfully practice in this specialized field.

These specialists then continue to expand their knowledge of the most advanced surgical tools and techniques by attending continuing education courses that cover a variety of topics.

Lastly, surgeons perform procedures such as those listed above on a daily basis, while a general dentist gets far less practice, if any, in providing such treatments. Such repeated opportunities enhance a surgeon’s skill set.

We understand that patients may have questions when initially being referred to a surgeon for some sort of dental treatment, and we are happy to provide any information that you may need. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Permian Basin Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center to schedule a consultation or get clarification about your concerns.