The lifespan of a dental implant can vary from person to person but since dental implants are incredibly durable, most people enjoy their prosthetic teeth for decades – if not longer. The reason the lifespan of dental implants is so long is due to the fact that implants are made from durable, biocompatible materials and secured by the bone in the jaw. Before an implant is fitted with a custom restoration, an oral surgeon or dentist will monitor the process of bone stabilizing the implant over time. Without bone to anchor the implant, the implant would not be able to serve as an adequate base for restorations like crowns and bridges.

Why is a dental implant made of titanium?

A dental implant is made of titanium because this metal is considered biocompatible, which means that the body won’t reject the implant as a foreign object but rather natural tissue. Having biocompatible prosthetics and restorations is necessary for the longevity and functionality of the replacement tooth.

How big are dental implants?

Dental implants are available in a few different sizes. Larger dental implants are usually less than ten millimeters in diameter. Implants with larger diameters are usually reserved for single tooth replacement whereas smaller dental implants are used for securing prosthetics that replace multiple teeth.

What kinds of restorations are attached to dental implants?

Restorations and prosthetics can be attached to dental implants because implants feature abutments on one end. The most common restorations used to replace lost teeth are crowns and bridges. Crowns and bridges make for excellent replacement teeth when attached to dental implants.

Prosthetics attached to implants are dentures. Patients may choose to have a full denture anchored to multiple dental implants or a partial. When dentures are held in place by implants, oral function is greatly increased when compared to unsupported dentures.

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