Patients who have impacted wisdom teeth can experience certain symptoms or no symptoms at all. When your large third molars cannot erupt properly into the jaw, they can cause a number of issues. However, the timing of such problems can’t necessarily be predicted in advance.

If you are experiencing symptoms associated with impacted wisdom teeth, you should schedule an evaluation with an oral surgeon. If your wisdom teeth have not erupted and you are in your late teens or early twenties, you should also consider such an evaluation, even if those wisdom teeth are not actively symptomatic.

Signs Of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The most common problems associated with impacted wisdom teeth are infection and abscesses, which may be indicated by issues like pain or noticeable pus, swelling or bad breath. Impacted wisdom teeth can also develop cysts and tumors or cause damage to surrounding teeth as they continue to try to erupt into the jaw.

Patients with impacted wisdom teeth may also notice that their teeth are shifting out of their proper alignment as those wisdom teeth try to push through the gums. This can undo years of orthodontic treatment. Any of these symptoms warrants follow up with a dental professional.

When To Consider Extraction

If you are experiencing symptoms that could be caused by impacted wisdom teeth, you should be assessed by an oral surgeon to see if extraction is recommended. In most cases, extraction alone will eliminate the symptoms although follow-up treatment may be needed in some circumstances.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to wait until issues occur before considering wisdom tooth extraction. In order to avoid those consequences of impacted wisdom teeth, many patients will choose to undergo extraction even if they’re not experiencing discomfort. The timing of the procedure is also a consideration, as the extraction is more straightforward in younger patients, and they recover more quickly afterward.

Patients who are experiencing symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth are encouraged to call our team at Permian Basin Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center for an evaluation. Extraction can give you symptom relief.