Has your dentist or physician referred you to an oral surgeon? An oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS) diagnoses and treats a variety of conditions that affect the oral cavity and the face. These specialists do many things including the removal of wisdom teeth, treating traumatic facial injuries, bone grafting, and the placement of dental implants.

Following are a few conditions that an OMS can treat.

Tooth Loss

An OMS can treat tooth loss by placing dental implants. This procedure involves a deep understanding of oral anatomy and implant dentistry. Sometimes bone grafting is necessary prior to dental implantation, which is a procedure that an OMS can perform as well.

While tooth loss has far-reaching effects, replacing lost teeth with dental implants is the next best thing to biological teeth. Implants improve quality of life, increase oral function, and restore a person’s appearance.

Suspicious Lesions & Oral Cancer

Oral cancer claims thousands of lives each year. Detecting oral cancer early on is essential for securing a favorable prognosis. If your dentist or physician finds suspicious lesions inside your mouth or on your lips, he or she may refer you to an OMS for oral pathology. Oral pathology involves biopsying and analyzing tissue for malignancies.

Wisdom Tooth Arrival

The emergence of wisdom teeth can be problematic for oral health and wellbeing. These teeth are prone to becoming impacted and abscessed. They can also force teeth out of alignment and produce orofacial pain. Due to these oral health risks, an OMS will remove wisdom teeth through a surgical procedure called an extraction.

Traumatic Facial Injuries

Traumatic facial injuries often require the expert treatment of an oral surgeon. These injuries can affect delicate soft and hard tissue that can require surgery to reconstruct. Treating traumatic facial injuries can include suturing wounded tissue, corrective jaw surgery, tooth extractions, tissue grafting, and the placement of dental implants to replace lost teeth.


A malocclusion is an unhealthy bite caused by improperly aligned jaws. Deformities or abnormalities in the alignment of the jawbones can be corrected through surgical procedures. Aligning the jaws through surgery improves oral function and quality of life.

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